Wednesday, February 4, 2009

PIcture this

One of the things that I am constantly harping on is copyright and the ethical use of images harvested from the internet. In this new world of free access to so much information and so many images, it's hard for students to realize that the pictures and information that they have at their fingertips actually belongs to someone. It's harder still for them to come to grips with the idea that they need to give attribution to that owner when they use something.

This morning I opened my daily email from Free Tech for Teachers and found a link to Photol This website has over 150,000 copyright free stock photos and the only catch to using them is that you can't sell the originals . That's it. Free. Copyright free.

After reading the About page on Photol, I got curious about who the owner is. I used Whois to find out that the owner is in China and that the site has been up for several years. Whois is a valuable resource for anyone doing research and the site is something we ought to be encouraging students to use more often!

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