Monday, February 9, 2009

Audiobooks for Anyone

Most everyone is familiar with the idea of talking books. My mother loves to listen to her talking books while she is knitting or doing chores. Here, at school, we have uploaded a number of books that the kids are reading in class. Even though some teachers resist having students use audiobooks, afraid that they won't actually read the book, it is good pedagogy for students who have reading difficulties or who are not fluent readers of English. Public libraries and audiobook services such as Learn OutLoud have large selections of books and poems readily available.

The state of Florida now has a reasonably large collection of audiobooks. From what I can tell, Lit 2 Go has a couple of hundred, mostly public domain, books, stories and poems. The best part is that these are free (unlike Learn OutLoud or iTunes). The database is searchable by author, genre or title, too, making it very easy to use.

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