Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sample content for Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Sample Content

Introducing: ME! (Elementary,3-5)

In this project, students will use the Galaxy 8/10.1 tab, S Pen and the app,Pic Collage to create a poster introducing themselves to their classmates.  This would make a good beginning of the year project that helps familiarize students with the Samsung Galaxy tablet, S Pen, and various productivity and photo apps. 

Students will begin by using the camera on their tablet to take photos to illustrate the answers to  some prompts about their families, their home and their lives, such as:

My parents are
My brothers and sisters are
My pets are
This is my house, and my room
My favorite thing to eat is
My favorite thing to do with my family is
Something you might not know about me is

Once photos have been collected, students can use Pic Collage and the S Pen to size and place photos in the collage.  Each photo can be annotated using the text input tool.  Students can also use the S Pen and oSkitch to draw on photos before they are imported into Pic Collage.