Thursday, April 23, 2009

Have a piece of Timetoast

Thanks again to Free Tech For Teachers, I found a really neat timeline maker, called Timetoast. Timetoast allows you to add detailed descriptions of events, graphics and links. Just think of the possibilities! In art, create a timeline of the evolution of modern art with pictures of the major artists or works and links to museums where the work resides. In literature, follow the travels of a character and include a Google Earth virtual tour. So many possibilities!

Give Timetoast a try. It's free.

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Pranav Bhasin said...

I would also recommend looking at for social timelines, where you can add people to your timeline posts and have the posts come up on their timelines too.

So if you go out on a trip with your friends, you can now simply upload your photos, add their names and the trip post becomes a part of their timelines too. There are over 300,000 existing timeline that you can join - check this for a sample:

Pranav Bhasin